The University of Toronto (UofT) Faculty of Law

Global Professional Masters of Law (GPLLM) program targets individuals working in leadership roles who often engage with lawyers or legal documents as part of their role, Helping them strengthen their understanding of the legal environment.


Low awareness of what an LLM is
Low awareness of benefits in key target markets
Low application rates in key target markets

UofT wished to increase the number of applicants. Awareness of the program and its benefits were low in key prospect industries, leading to low application rates and low graduate quality.


Ideal candidates were older than existing prospecting and segmented their career-building activities to particular day, week and year parts. We implemented the following:

Revised Audience Targeting

Updated targeting to focus on professionals 35+ within a 1.5-hour drive of Toronto.

New Campaign Creative

Changed campaign creative to reflect a more clearly defined audience and campaign budget.

Redistribution of Budget

Adjusted the campaign budget, putting heavier spend on Saturdays, mornings and in December.

Additional Lead Sources

Introduce a lead-drip campaign with custom landing pages for particular program streams.


With a total ad spend of less than $35K, we achieved:
conversion rate from landing page visits
total impressions - Google search campaign advertising
increase in site traffic staying 30+ minutes
3m24s spent on page - increase in average time spent on page up from 1m57s
6,956 unique visitors, campaign page site traffic
9807 total social media impressions across LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
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